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Design for heritage and cultures

01.04.2021 → In corso

MEET – Multifaceted Experiences for Enhancing Territories

MEET è un format di progetto collaborativo per la realizzazione di un percorso espositivo dedicato alla valorizzazione e alla promozione di peculiarità del patrimonio culturale materiale e immateriale locale.

01.01.2016 → 01.01.2018

DCC – Design Civic Consciousness


Web 2.0 has enabled a broader public to generate and share information online, resulting in an un- precedented proliferation of data. As well as being a lens through which looking at reality, data is a real common good when published in an open for- mat. Open data has great potential, but it risks becoming a lost opportunity if the knowledge and tools to process it remains a prerogative of a lim- ited audience. Through the analysis of three case studies, the present paper proposes a design ap- proach that aims to enable a more comprehensive and non-specialist public to understand and re- use open data towards a more aware community.

Zannoni M., Costa P. (2012). Analysis and Visualization of Personal Data: the Value of Images in the Social Networks in Ceccarelli, N. 2CO Communicating complexity: 2013 Conference Proceedings (pp. 203-212). Roma, Edizioni Nuova Cultura. ISBN: 978-8-868-12166-2